EDA with PySpark

You can find the notebook here with the codes and plots.

Installing & Importing Libraries

!pip install -q pyspark
!pip install -q handyspark

Initializing a Spark Session

# Building a spark app/session
spark = SparkSession.builder.appName(“carsSpark”).getOrCreate()
# single cluster information

About the Dataset

# Reading the data
df = spark.read.csv(‘/content/car data.csv’, header=True, inferSchema=”true”)
# Shape of the dataset
print(‘Shape of the dataset: ‘, (df.count(), len(df.columns)))
# Displaying top n=10 rows

Data Preprocessing

Dataset doesn’t have null values

Exploratory Data Analysis

hdf = df.toHandy()
Automatic 9.420000
Manual 3.931992
Name: Selling_Price, dtype: float64




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