Building conversational AI chatbots with Amazon Lex(Part-1)

  • In the previous article, we learned in-depth about Amazon Augmented AI solutions.
  • We learned that Data in any format, including organized and unstructured data, is fed into Amazon’s proprietary AI services.
  • We also learned that models are created according to standard protocol and deployed to the end-server.
  • Then there’s Amazon Augmented AI’s operation.
  • It accepts the end inputs and forecasts using the machine learning model that has previously been installed on the server.
  • The backend team already sets the confidence threshold for such an assignment, thus it delivers a confidence score.
  • The A2I service now passes the predictions with better confidence from the threshold to the client application for model retraining.
  • In this article, we will learn in-depth about Amazon Lex which is an AI-based chatbot development service offered by AWS.

What are conversational AI chatbots?

  • Chatbots can be powered by conversational AI to grow smarter and more powerful.
  • However, it’s vital to note that conversational AI isn’t used by all chatbots.
  • Basic chatbots are only capable of doing a limited number of functions.
  • In most cases, this entails answering basic FAQs and not much else.
  • Chatbots require conversational AI to improve their ability to interpret human language.
  • They also need this to provide transactional functionality in addition to their informational capabilities that fulfill the demands of big corporates.
  • You can do more with conversational AI than just translate website text into simple chatbot responses.
  • Instead, users may use the chat window to block credit cards, file insurance claims, upgrade data plans, scan bills, and much more.

What is Amazon Lex?

How does Amazon Lex work?

  • Amazon Lex, which is powered by the same technology like Alexa, gives you the ability to solve difficult deep learning challenges.
  • These challenges may include speech recognition and language understanding through an easy-to-use, fully managed service.
  • Amazon Lex interfaces with AWS Lambda, allowing you to simply trigger functions for data retrieval and modifications in your back-end business logic.
  • Your bot can be directly deployed to chat platforms, mobile clients, and IoT devices after it’s been constructed.
  • You may also use the reports to keep track of your bot’s metrics.
  • Amazon Lex is an end-to-end solution for building, publishing, and monitoring bots that is scalable, safe, and simple to use.

Use cases of Amazon Lex:

1. Fintech:

  • AWS provides safe, robust global cloud infrastructure and services to financial services companies in banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance.
  • This allows them to differentiate themselves now while adapting to future needs.
  • We know financial institutions adopt customer service delivery methods to meet constantly changing consumer behaviors and expectations.
  • Similarly, Amazon Lex assists in delivering sophisticated and natural conversational experiences.
  • Amazon Lex for Financial Services provides pre-built solutions for your use case.
  • This allows you to provide excellent customer service while maintaining operational efficiency.
  • You may automate customer support interactions like credit card payments, mortgage loan applications, portfolio status, and account updates using the pre-built chatbots.
  • For financial service use cases, the pre-built bots are configured with intents, sample utterances, and slot types,
  • These are integrated with Amazon Connect contact processes so you can offer more experiences, faster.

2. Insurance:

  • AWS enables insurance companies to optimize and reinvent their businesses, strengthen client relationships, and improve risk profiles.
  • As they upgrade their basic infrastructure and create individualized insurance products, insurers can use Amazon Lex to quickly develop innovative digital consumer experiences.
  • Amazon Lex for Insurance provides pre-built solutions to help you deliver high-volume experiences and increase digital engagement.
  • You can automate client interactions like claims processing and policy administration using the pre-built chatbots.
  • For both speech and chat modalities, the purpose-built bots provide ready-to-use conversation flows.
  • These flows can be used as training data and dialogue prompts as well.
  • You may reduce the time it takes to deliver client solutions while also maximizing resources.
  • This allows your teams to focus on more difficult issues and cultivate stronger relationships.

3. Retail

  • On a fast, flexible, and scalable cloud architecture, Amazon Lex for Retail AWS enables retailers to develop appealing experiences.
  • These experiences then attract more customers, drive more sales, and achieve outcomes.
  • Amazon Lex assists shops in delivering a dynamic conversational experience as they test new ideas and improve processes.


  • So far in this article, we covered a high-level overview of the working principle of Amazon Lex.
  • In the next article, we will learn about the architecture of Amazon Lex, its features, and the pricing offered by AWS.



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