Amazon Augmented AI in depth

by Pronay Ghosh and Hiren Rupchandani

  • The fundamentals of Amazon A2I were discussed in the previous article.

The working of Amazon A2I

  • Data in any format such as structured or unstructured data is fed to the customed AI services of Amazon such as Amazon Sagemaker.

Amazon Augmented AI features

1. Integration is simple:

  • One can construct human review workflows for a use case with just a few clicks in the Amazon A2I dashboard.

2. Working Flexibility:

  • Flexibility in working with critics both inside and outside your company
    For human reviewers, Amazon A2I provides numerous options.

3. For reviewers, simple instructions are provided.

  • To maintain consistency, one can use Amazon A2I to provide instructional direction to human reviewers.

4. Workflows to make the human review process go faster:

  • Built-in workflows in Amazon A2I route predictions to reviewers and guide them through their tasks step by step.

5. Multiple reviews will help you get better results:

  • Multiple workers might be used in reviews to raise the level of confidence in the results.

Amazon’s A2I-assisted pricing

  • Humans and machine learning models can collaborate to improve the speed and accuracy of machine learning (ML) models using Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I).
  • Apart from that if one wants to have a clear overview of the pricing then please do check here.


  • So far in this article, we covered a high-level overview of the working principle and pricing of Amazon Augmented AI.

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